Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My summer holidays

In my hometown,the weather is very hot. So last week we went to Ban-Pe Beach,Rayong province,Thailand. It took about 5 hours to get there. There were so many people and we got the last resort ,lucky us. After lunch we went to Rayong AQUARIUM. I have learned some dangerous marine animals. Such as -Triangle tail horse shoe crab, long spined sea urchin, Blue-spotted fantail ray, Lionfish.

The next day we went to Wat Khao Sukim,Prejinburi province. It is settled on the hill. After showing respect to the buddha and making merit, we walked down the hill. At last we reconized that we were wrong to do that. My husband hurt his legs so much. Serve me right,because I had to give him a massage. Now he is okey .

Then we drove to Arunya-prated District, Prajinburi province. It's the border land between Cambodia and Thailand. We wanted to visit Rong-Kluea Market.
We could buy used clothes or stuff in very low price. I bought a wool sweater for just only 5 $US. For this round trip it was about 800 kilometres long.

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